Did you know that there more than 400 varieties of mango? They come in several different colors and make for many different flavors when it comes to making juice. While chances are that you might never get to savor all of the mango varieties, you can get a great deal of enjoyment from those available to you by learning how to make mango juice. 


10 Reasons to Love Mango Even More 

1. They are an aphrodisiac 

     One of the nicknames for mango is ‘the love fruit’. This makes mango juice a perfect drink for romantic evenings. Drinking their juice, or eating the fruit, gives men a healthy boost in virility.  

2. This is one of the best fruits for cancer prevention  

     There are all sorts of antioxidants found in this tropical treat, going beyond vitamins A, C, and E to include isoquercitrin, quercetin, gallic acid, astragalin, methylgallat, and fisetin. Many of these rarely-mentioned antioxidants can be obtained only from a few sources, mango being one of them.


3. You can use them in the fight against body acidity  

     Being too acidic is the source of many health problems, such as chronic inflammation, migraines, arthritis, bone loss, depression, and several others. The solution is to consume foods that alkalize the body, such as mango.  

4. Drinking this juice helps you stay fuller longer 

     A big appetite is one of the most common challenges to weight loss. Many of those who juice do it because they want to slim down while improving their health. Mango satisfies the appetite and even helps burn calories. 


5. Now you can ward off kidney stones 

     Kidney stones are notoriously painful and many suffer from them at some point in their lives. Some people get kidney stones frequently, but Chinese medicine values mango for its ability to reduce stone formation.  

6. Here’s the perfect fruit for fighting anemia 

     Many suffer from anemia, especially women, but the story could change if more of them included mango in their daily diet. The fruit is a rich source of iron. The fact that is also contains a generous amount of calcium makes this an especially good fruit for pregnant women.


7. Enjoy and enhanced ability to concentrate 

     This is the ‘go-to’ fruit for those having memory problems or trouble concentrating. This means it should be a favorite with moms whose children suffer from attention deficit. The concentration-boosting benefits can also be had by the older generation and everyone in between, thanks to the glutamine acid content in mango. 

Mango Buying Guide 

     Picking the best mangos means going by much more than color alone, due to the fact that the many varieties come in various colors. Several of the varieties are quite similar in appearance, except for a slight difference in the color.

     There are even some type of mangos that remain green even when fully ripe while others that can be bright red and yet unripe. This leaves smell and feel the best two senses to shop with. 

     Although fruit can be left to ripen at home, those who want to buy mangos that are juice ready need to choose the ones that have the best level of ripeness for the job. These are those that feel slightly soft when pressure is applied. While not all ripe mangos give off an aroma through their skin, a fruity smell coming from the stem ends is a good indicator of ripeness.


Making Fresh Mango Juice 

     Using a juicer is the easiest and most efficient way to make mango juice because it means that you don’t have to water the juice down and yet the juice isn’t going to be too thick. To prepare the fruit for juicing, peel off the skin much like you would peel a potato.

     Then, simply cut the mango up into large chunks. Insert the fruit and the juice will come streaming out. It’s a good idea to save the remaining pulp for use in other recipes, such as making mango salsa.


     Some like to add other ingredients to their mango juice, such as milk and sugar. However, those who are health-conscious will enjoy the juice as-is. Ripe mango naturally makes for a cool, sweet drink that’s both healthy and nutritious. Nevertheless, a bit of lime, lemon, orange juice added to the mix is a great way to enhance the tropical flavor.

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