If we take a look at the berry family it’s easy to realize that strawberries are actually one of the most commonly juiced fruits. Many of us are making juice out of them not only because of the amazingly great taste they have, but most of the time for the health benefits they provide.

          Being rich in flavonoids and also vitamin C, strawberries are really helpful with strengthening the immune system and at the same time flushing the kidneys as well.

How to Juice Strawberries

          Tangy and tart, I personally find that pure strawberry juice tastes really good if I juice it together with other fruits (generally less acidic fruits and vegetables) like kale, celery, honey dew melon, cantaloupe and carrots. Well, with that being said, let’s get on and start making some delicious strawberries juice, shall we?

          1. As the first step for making delicious and healthy strawberry juice, you will need to wash and then rinse the strawberries, ensuring their stems are intact. Do so under cold running water coming from your tap. If you have a sink sprayer, make sure that you don’t turn it up to the max, as this will break apart the delicate flesh of the strawberries and that’s not what you want, right?

 How to Juice Strawberries

          2. It could be that you didn’t buy your strawberries from the grocery store and if that is the case, then you could choose to juice them with the strawberry stems and the greens intact. Generally this is the case with people who grow their own strawberries and know they didn’t use any pesticides or any other harmful substances on them, which makes each part of the strawberries healthy to eat.

          By juicing the strawberries this way, they will provide you with more mineral and vitamins. However, if you are not sure whether the strawberries have been organically grown, just remove the greens and stems.

          3. Now it’s time that you will juice your strawberries. Personally, I juice 2 to 3 cups of strawberries per service using my electric juicer. It’s best you have a centrifugal juicer because due to the way it works, it will generally break the soft flesh of the strawberry easily, which means you can extract the maximum amount of juice from your fruits.

          Even though masticating juicers are good if you don’t have a centrifugal one, they will seem like overkill when you want to juice strawberries.

How to Juice Strawberries

          Now, you have to take the strawberries and cut them in half in order for your juicer to juice them more effectively. If you do decide to use them whole, then you should make sure your juicer is powerful enough in order to get every drop of juice they contain.

          After they have been completely juiced, you may add some sugar if you don’t like the way natural strawberry juice tastes. However, be careful you don’t add too much, because you don’t want to increase your blood sugar levels too much.

          4. Maybe you would like to drink pure strawberry juice right after you have obtained it from your fresh strawberries. If this is the case, then it would be a good idea if you will try and garnish it with freshly crushed mint leaf or crushed ice.

          Personally, when I am making strawberry juice I actually like to add a tablespoon of lime juice or lemon juice to it, but some people might find the strawberry juice too acidic as it is. You may try adding lime juice to see how it tastes in a small glass and then decide whether you want to mix all of your strawberry juice with it.

          5. Maybe you would like to make a special drink and not just have the strawberry juice after the juicer has finished juicing the strawberries. If this is the case, then you may try mixing your juice with hemp seed milk, walnut milk or raw homemade almond milk.

How to Juice Strawberries

          Fresh veggie and fruit juices mixed with homemade nut milks will actually provide some of the most nutritious beverages you can have. Just make sure you know what ingredients you’d love to have in your strawberry juice and you will be in for one of the most delicious and nutritious drinks you’ve ever had.

          Making strawberry juice is not as hard as you might have initially thought and all you need is a good juicer and some fresh strawberries. Extra ingredients are your choice and you may decide to add them to your juice or not. Enjoy!

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Best Juicers for Strawberries Juice:

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