There are three types of apples, red, green and pink apples, all of which can be used to make apple juice (there are more than 7,500 known cultivars of apples, resulting in a range of desired characteristics). Apples are very cheap compared to other types of fruits, and yet their benefits surpass most of them.

          Apples are recommended for a healthy and strong body, mainly because of the high levels of antioxidants they contain. They help you stay fit by boosting your energy levels and maintaining your muscle strength. People under endurance sport are encouraged to take apple juice to repair worn out muscles. However, apple juice is good for everyone regardless of age, career or medical condition.

 How To Juice - Apple Juice

          Drinking a glass of apple juice daily is a healthy substitute to your daily water intake requirement. It is a healthy drink as well s an ingredient in some alcoholic drinks. Apple juice supplies you with the same benefits as the apple fruit, but the juice has some extra benefits. For instance, juice is easier to digest and quicker to get absorbed into the blood system than the whole fruit. Children who have feeding problems can always survive on healthy juices. Apple juice is extremely sweet since it contains natural sugar, and this makes it one of the most favorite healthy snacks for children.

          You also require apple juice as you age to reduce your chances of developing memory loss. Other than slowing down the onset of memory loss, apples boost the functioning of your brain cells. As a result, this juice prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease, one of the debilitating conditions of old age.

How To Juice - Apple Juice

Apple juice is rich in the following nutrients:

  • Carbohydrates. One serving of apple juice provides you with approximately 24 per cent of the recommended daily allowance of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the sources of glucose, and so the help you stay strong by boosting your energy levels.
  • Vitamins. Apple juice supplies you with 100 per cent of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is responsible for tissue and cell repair in your body, and helps protect you from bleeding gums. Apple juice is also rich in Vitamin A and B.
  • Fiber. All fruits supply you with dietary fiber, which plays a variety of functions in your body. Fiber mainly helps boost metabolism, and prevents the development of problems during digestion. Dietary fiber helps with blood circulation by reducing the cholesterol in your blood to a healthy level. This eventually prevents the development of heart complications such as hypertension and stroke.
  • Iron. Apple juice contains traces of iron, protecting you against anemia.
  • Antioxidants. These are essential for the fight against free radicals that fight the development of cancerous cells.
  • Calcium. Apple juice also contains traces of calcium, making it suitable for infants and expectant mothers. Calcium is also good for everyone as it contributes towards the development of strong bones.

          In order to benefit from apple juice, limit your intake to 2-4 servings a day. This is because the antioxidants contained in the juice can bar your body from absorbing iron, thus leading to anemia. Therefore, taking a lot of apple juice may do more harm than good to your body.

How to juice - Health benefits of apples

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          It is also advisable to take the juice very early in the morning. A glass of apple juice contains approximately 26 grams of sugar. This sugar is broken down into energy to help you meet your daily duties and chores. Taking this juice in the morning will ensure that you have enough energy to see you through the day.

          Do not add any type of sweeteners to your juice as this increases the level of sugar in it, thus making it unhealthy for your body. However, it is important to note that apples are deficient in proteins and therefore you need to include protein supplements in your meal especially if you are on a liquid diet.

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          You can make fresh juice at home or buy it from grocery stores. However, you need to be careful when purchasing apple juice from stores. This is because packed juice always contains preservatives and sweeteners that may be harmful to your health. Furthermore, processed apple juice has a lower nutritional value compared to the unprocessed one. Processing apples interferes with the antioxidants contained inside, thus limiting its ability to protect you from diseases. If you have to buy processed apple juice, go for the one that looks cloudy as opposed.

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