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          Whether you are looking for a juicer for start your day with fresh tomato juice, carrot juice, apple juice or orange juice, or invent your own healthy blend, here is the right place. In fact, you may find more than that!

 How To Juice - Orange Juice

Why Juicing?

     Juicing is an easy way to get a large amount of nutrients and enzymes into your diet, that are served immediately will taste best and have the highest nutritional value. In general, vegetable juices are recommended as supplements to whole vegetables, rather than as a replacement. If you want to preparing your own juice, you can be creative about combinations of fruits and vegetables.

     Your body requires more than 20 different minerals, some of them major minerals like calcium and iron, some of them “trace elements”, present in small quantities but absolutely vital. They help in the regulation of your body’s acid-balance, your blood pressure, your nerves, your growth and reproduction.


    Minerals like calcium and iron cannot be absorbed into your body directly. They have got to go into plants – nature’s “processing factories” first. But, like vitamins, minerals can be destroyed by modern food processing. A juicer will help you to “mine” fruits and vegetables for calcium, iron and other minerals you need.

    Enzymes help to create chemical changes. Life couldn’t go on with out them. A single one of your cells could contain 100,000 enzymes and produce 2,000 chemical reactions. Some of the enzymatic activities are digesting food, building tissues, replacing used up blood cells and converting chemical energy into kinetic energy which helps you to move and use your muscles.

          Enzymes cannot be taken in a pill. And they can be destroyed by merely enough heat to warm your hand. So they are often fatalities of the cooking process. Raw vegetables are your best source of enzymes. And the best form of which to get your raw vegetables is in their juices through the juicer.

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Benefits of Juicing

     You need many different things to satisfy your body’s 26,000 billion cells. Vitamins are the vital, life-organizing forces that your body’s complicated processes depends on. They regulate your body processes.

   Without the right supply of vitamins, your body does not have the protection it needs against the disease. But today’s cooking and refining procedures destroy vitamins or diminish their effectiveness. That is why you need a juicer to give you vitamins in their live food form.

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     95% of the nutrient content of fruit and vegetables is found in the juice. Our body is a living organism made of living cells that require living food (raw food) to function properly.

   Fruits and vegetables have powerful nutritional properties that can help people with many types of health problems. Liquids extracted from fresh fruit and vegetables form an important part of a well-balanced diet. If you are interested in trying out juicing or a juice cleanse, it’s important to understand the purpose of juicing, the benefits of juicing and the best way for you to incorporate juice into your diet.

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    Fresh fruits and vegetable juices are an easy to make source of vitamins and minerals. Juices are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream therefore being the quickest way in which the body can digest nutrients.

     When you make your own juices, you have complete control over what you include in them. Making juice at home is an alternative to buying commercial juices, and may be beneficial for supplementing diets low in vegetables and fruits.

    You select the ingredients and decide if you need to use sugar, salt or other flavoring agents. Freshly extracted juices should be consumed just after they have been made to avoid a loss of vitamin content.

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    Juices should ideally be consumed as soon as they are made, because the nutrients and enzymes break down relatively quickly when exposed to light. The juice is quickly distributed throughout the body to build, heal, repair and restore optimum health. Juices are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are easily assimilated within fifteen minutes of drinking. Juices cleanse the blood; clean blood loaded with nutrients will ensure a healthy long life.

     Freshly squeezed juice is the tastiest way to satisfy your nutrition needs while you quench your thirst. Juicing allows anyone to get more of the nutrients the body needs, since it is unlikely one can eat several pounds of fruits and vegetables daily.

Top 20 Reasons To Juice:

1. It’s delicious!
2. Reduces water retention
3. Can lower blood pressure
4. Boosts your immune system
5. Can help you to lose weight
6. May boost your energy levels
7. Can lower inflammation in your body
8. Can help your whole digestive system
9. May improve skin tone, hair and nails
10. Aids in muscle recovery after workouts
11. Makes it easier for your body to absorb nutrients
12. May help in the prevention of degenerative diseases
13. May help to improve your endurance when working out
14. Helps you to get more fruits and veggies into your diet
15. Makes it easier to cover all the main color groups daily
16. Can help you to ingest veggies you don’t normally like to eat
17. Helps to hydrate your body, which can also reduce food cravings
18. Lessens food cravings, as it adds the nutrients your body craves
19. Can help to reduce acidity, which offers protection from disease
20. Increases your intake of a wide variety of health-building nutrients

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          Once you have tasted the fruits juices recipes, you will feel cheated every time you drink bottled, canned or otherwise processed juices from the grocery store. Even if you are consumed a couple of pounds of vegetables and fruits in a few gulps, you did not end up feeling like a  balloon 😛 .

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